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By Dave Woods |

Bentonville is Graham Cobb’s new home. “

I’m thrilled to be here,” the new president and chief executive officer of the Greater Bentonville area Chamber of Commerce said. “I was plenty happy in Little Rock. Then, I had the opportunity to come up and taste the quality of life Bentonville offers. “It has arts and culture with one of the world’s greatest American art museums right in the middle of town … Fantastic food and drink, and the ability to play outdoors. When I put all of that together, this was an opportunity to raise a family and build a twenty-first century community that’s limitless.”

Graham spent the last year getting to know his community and those around the region. He is, he said, impressed by the cooperative relationships.

“It’s a pretty special position to be in,” he said. “Whether it’s Siloam or Fayetteville or Springdale, Rogers, Bella Vista or Pea Ridge, you name it… they are unique communities.”

Graham, who has a long and successful background in business and economic development, called it “organic regionalism.”

“There is a whole lot of cooperation,” he said. “When one of us has an idea we think is a good one, we’re challenged to think… does this benefit enough people? Have you included everyone you need to include? Have you thought big enough? If the answer to all of those is yes, and it falls in line with the greater vision of the leaders in Northwest Arkansas, we will find a way to get it done.”

Graham points to Sam Walton as a shining example of regional spirit.

“It’s got a history of big thinkers,” he said. “More importantly, it has a history of driven improvers. It’s that consistent cadence of improving, That’s in the DNA here. It’s ‘Let’s think big.’ Let’s make it happen and the time to go for it is now.”

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