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By Dave Woods |

It takes word of mouth and good advertising for a restaurant to build a positive reputation in a competitive market. Northwest Arkansas’ culinary scene is competitive and many restaurants have carved out a loyal following. Fayetteville’s Southern Food Company is one of them.

“Northwest Arkansas is a very family and socially driven place,” Jordan Robertson said. “Everywhere there are these different groups of people who love brunch. You see all of these different people bring in fresh goods and fresh flowers from the farmers markets. We have corporate types who want to come in, read their newspaper and have a great big cup of Onyx Coffee. We have college kids who come in after a night on the town. We have families and so many regulars.”

Jordan, front of house manager for Southern Food, thinks the closeness of the Northwest Arkansas community is key to the region’s brunch culture. But, of course, a solid brunch menu and a fast and friendly staff are needed, too.

“Our food has a big role in it,” she explained. “The atmosphere in the store is very welcoming. Our customers get greeted as soon as they walk in the doors. Our staff is very loyal. It’s our cocktails, too. Our bloody marys and our mimosas are made in house and are really popular.”

With new residents moving into Northwest Arkansas every day, grabbing brunch is a great way to make new friends
and sample some of the regions cuisine.

“There are so many new people to meet at brunch places,” Jordan said. “We’ll have a party of two walk in. As they are being seated they meet another party of two and end up sitting together. They say, ‘Now this is going to be our brunch spot. We will meet here every weekend.’ Brunch is about creating new friendships and new relationships.”

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