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There are endless places for entertainment in Northwest Arkansas, from Dickson Street, to the Walmart AMP, to Razorback athletic events, and so much more. But, what is there to do for pets?

There are multiple off-leash dog parks accessible in the Northwest Arkansas area that are great for dogs. Not only for getting the pups outside and active, but also the interaction with other K9’s is great for improving dog’s social skills which can lead to happier pups.

In Fayetteville, the Lake Wilson Off Leash Area, located at 4370 S. Lake Wilson Rd. With a great natural trail around Lake Wilson, lots of shade for the dogs to cool off and get away from the sun and many places for the dogs to get water. Something unique that Lake Wilson has that isn’t always the case at other dog parks is the trail that turns
into a two-mile hike, which is great activity for the dog and their owner.

Gulley Park, is located at 1850 E Township St. Gulley Park is great for a letting the dog off the leash and letting them just run wild. Whether that is by playing fetch or just letting them run laps until they are happily exhausted. Gulley also has a playground right there for the whole family to take the pup to the park so both the dog and the kids will be entertained for a long time.

IAMS Dog Park is a public dog park in Fayetteville. Located at 1595 N Dartmouth Ave., there are two huge fenced areas that separate the different sized dogs. One area is for the smaller dogs or puppies that are not use to playing with other animals. The larger dog space is great for all of the large dogs to interact with each other without having little dogs running around in their way.

“I love taking my dog (Gordon) to IAMS because there are so many dogs there to interact with, run around, and play with that he can’t do at home since he is our only dog,” Megan White, young dog owner said. IAMS also has a pavilion with picnic tables, drinking fountain and a dog waste pick up supplies.

Murphy Memorial Dog Park is located at 407 E Nursery Rd.. in Rogers. This park is similar to IAMS and is separated into multiple different sections. Murphy Memorial also has a small and large fenced in area for dogs of the same size to mingle with. But, the cool and unique section that Murphy has is a training yard. This yard is great for young dogs that are just learning how to take commands from their owners. As well as a great place to teach the dogs new tricks.

At 532 Spring St in Eureka Springs, is the Eureka Springs Bark Park, which is only two-years-old. It is great for the dogs because it is very shady and woodsy for the dogs to explore. A dog water fountain as well is a great feature for the dogs.

The Bentonville Bark Park, located at 2400 N Walton Blvd, is a fantastic place for extremely active dogs to go with the multiple obstacle course structures throughout for dogs to just go crazy from ramps to run up, posts to run through and hurdles to jump. The Bentonville Dog Park is great for any dog that loves to show off their athletic skill set.

Besides parks there are other activities for dogs to go to including the new fad that is sweeping the nation; Bark at the Park. This occurs at two locations in the Northwest Arkansas area.

In Fayetteville, during spring time, there will be games that are specialty “Bark at the Park Nights” at Baum Stadium; home of the University of Arkansas Baseball team. This means that dogs are more than welcome to come out to the ballpark and cheer on their Razorbacks. This also occurs during the summer at Arvest Ballpark, in Springdale,
where the Minor League Northwest Arkansas Naturals play their home games. Bark at the Park is a great way to enjoy a great ballgame while having your four legged kid by your side.

Apartment complexes throughout Northwest Arkansas are also very accommodating to having pets such as dogs and cats in their complex. Some complexes also may include their own personal dog parks which is a fantastic way to have dogs get exercise as often as they can without dragging their owner on walks all day.

Pets are truly the best because they are always there for support on the good and the bad days. They are always
there for their owner, so the owner needs to be there for them and take them to these great locations throughout Northwest Arkansas.

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