By Karen Rice

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Northwest Arkansas is ranked as one of best places in the country to retire. There are many reasons for that: access to good healthcare, beautiful, safe surroundings, quality living options. And now, two senior living communities in Rogers and Bentonville are helping elders with memory loss reconnect with the world and with each other through modern technology.

At Village on the Park in Bentonville and Rogers, a touchscreen system called it’s Never 2 Late, or iN2L, is allowing older adults in assisted living and memory care suites to connect to the world outside of their community.

iN2L’s content-driven touchscreen system will be at the core of two memory care suites in Bentonville and Rogers – Village on the Park Bentonville and Village on the Park Rogers.

“We are thrilled to be able to offer this new engagement technology program to our residents,” said Erin Hagar, RCM’s Director of Business Development. “This investment is part of a larger plan to increase the health and happiness of our residents, including a redesign of both of our memory care neighborhoods. There are a lot of new entrants in the market, but with the great success we’ve already experienced with iN2L, we really see this innovative engagement program as positioning us as the market leader. It’s been remarkable. Our residents in independent cottages usually just come over to the main building for Tai Chi, but we quickly saw them start using and enjoying the iN2L too. We simply move it to the theater room and connect it to the big screen TV. It’s increasing quality of life for all residents. Our slogan is “Live Life Well®” and iN2L is helping us do that.”

The leading provider of person-centered digital engagement to the senior living market, iN2L’s 60” Engage® touchscreen system delivers a person-centered experience for older adults, regardless of physical or cognitive ability. The large touchscreen is designed to assist Program Directors to engage residents with content, such as interactive games, puzzles, health and wellness tools, spiritual experiences, music, films and lifelong learning opportunities.

“Since 1999, iN2L has been listening to the needs of the market and developing technology that truly impacts older adults’ lives,” said Lisa Taylor, iN2L CEO. “Our goal is to help older adults stay connected, engaged, and energized, and to improve their communication and interaction with family and staff.”

A study conducted by the Mather LifeWays Institute on Aging found that after nine months of using iN2L:

· Residents increased participation in social activities by 78%

· Families’ visits with their loved ones improved in quality by 78%

· The relationship between residents and staff members improved by 43%

· The relationship between the residents’ families and staff members improved by 144%

iN2L’s 60” Engage touchscreens are currently installed in the memory care common rooms at Village on the Park Rogers and Village on the Park Bentonville, each consisting of 18 resident apartments. Since the central component is portable, residents throughout the two communities can also experience the many facets of iN2L.

For more information about how iN2l is being utilized at Village on the Park Rogers or Village on the Park Bentonville, please call (479) 202-8032.